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We are the most innovative technology company who brings your imagination into reality and we believe that technology will bring a new revolution to the world in the future.

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We are BIG
We have vision, we have passion

The development of Bridge In Gain Metaverse is carried out by talented young people in Indonesia who have passion in their respective fields from various backgrounds. This diversity makes BIG colorful with the uniqueness of each individual in realizing the mission to achieve a common vision.

Our Vision

Connecting people around the world, making it easier for players to interact using different languages, and accommodating various businesses around the world, especially Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia.

Our Mission

  • Providing a connecting platform through games, AR and VR
  • Creating and implementing the auto-translate feature in the game
  • Providing services that are able to facilitate entrepreneurs transact

Our valuable division

We have various divisions in realizing our vision and mission

BIG Studio

Is a center of creativity company PT. Benua Integrasi Global which combines various elements ranging from arts, science and entertainment.

BIG Tech Solution

Is a information technology division that makes various software and applications that can be a solution in life in the digital era


Financial Technology or fintech is an innovation in financial services in the field of technology that makes it easy for users to transact in everyday life.

BIG Coin

Is a crypto currency built on the blockchain with a transparent system to create a safer BIG Metaverse environment.

BIG Metaverse

Is a virtual reality game world based on Metaverse-Cryptocurrency technology that maximizes realistic features where every element.

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Working culture

Our company has an adhocracy work culture that gives freedom to be innovative.

Level-up skills

Level-up your skills with the best team in our company from various backgrounds.

Competitive salary

We provide competitive salary offers according to the expertise possessed.

Medical Insurance

Our Company provides medical insurance benefits for all employees.

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I dare to step up to create a metaverse because there are many new technologies that do not exist anywhere, and then we developed and implement them into the Bridge In Gain Metaverse

Alexander Zulkarnain

CEO & Founder

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